Reseller and Affiliate Advance Auction Program

Our perspective is clear: to provide our bidders with the select auctions they need and the phenomenal buying base they have consistently anticipated. Through this framework, and an immense number of deals, we have experienced phenomenal improvement controlled by our arrangement of incredible independent affiliates. Our partners have access to top-notch development, support and programming to upgrade their businesses, and we are always searching for top-notch professionals to join our master roster of partners.

Affiliates are business components that use us as a stage to direct consumers to key sales opportunities. They are responsible for all pieces of your business; including overseeing all applicable laws, assembling and submitting sales agreements, and contracting and paying for delivery. Since these partnerships are not internal Auction Place administrators or components, they are not limited by sales restrictions and can work on your business when and where they want.

As an Auction Place affiliate, you are entitled to certain discounts on your purchases, either for resale or to use for your own benefit. All details will be provided once you decide to take the next step towards greater financial independence, so contact us today.